Directors' Message

Director - Finance

RK Educational Institutions are well determined to create disciplined, competitive professionals to the betterment of the nation. We believe in the all round development and aim at moulding our students into disciplined social and technological leaders, and most importantly a good human being.


Administrative Director

RK Educational Institutions are the biggest and best among + 2 stage (Intermediate) colleges in Machilipatnam both in terms of infrastructure and objective teaching faculty. Our system promotes one-to-one interaction between students and the teaching faculty. Eminent and senior most professors unparalleled in experience, counsel the students and give them all the support they require. There is a gruelling schedule run in the college which installs in them a keen sense of hard work and high self esteem. We are aiming at vision 2020 put forwarded by Ex-President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

Vijay Bandi, B.E., MBA (U.K)

Academic Director

R.K. Educational Institutions are the best platform for students to see their hidden talents and abilities bloomed in full. Here we provide them a plethora of academic as well as dynamic activities which will channalise their energies towards creativity and all round success. By incorportating innovative methods of teaching and academic curriculum we shall be able to give them a unique and novel educational experience, which gives them self confidence and right approach to their career.

P. Rama Krishna, M.Sc.