Our Philosophy

RK Educational institutions was founded in 2009 with the goal of imparting high quality education with student-friendly facilities at pocket-friendly fees. Unlike the capitalistic and exploitative mindset of most colleges, R.K educational institution run on a dedicated and service-oriented philosophy.

R.K educational institutions is run by the well-familiar RK Group of Hotels and Restaurants who have been catering to the needs of the people of Machilipatnam since the past few decades. The quality of service and the economical price that RK group offers needs no introduction. RK Educational institutions was founded after witnessing the exploitation of many corporate colleges earning ranks and riches at the expense of the students' health and well-being. At RK, we have been providing R.O Mineral water plant and Solar water heater plant since its inception, remembering the proverb - A healthy mind in a healthy body. We provide the best-in class student-friendly facilities along with budget-friendly tuition fees as well as scholarships so that the economic status of bright students does not become a hindrance in reaching their goals and aspirations.

Since teenage is the most likely period to get deviated, discipline is given a very high priority. The faculty and the management alike dedicate themselves to ensure the parents that their child does not fall prey to bad company. Up-to-date student performance is delivered to the parents to track the progress of their child. We constantly strive to give our best level of dedication and commitment that the students deserve. Our philosophy can be summarised in this maxim- Say what you do, Do what you've said.